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McGaughys burst into the lifted truck and lift kit market hard in 2011! McGaughys lift kits were specifically designed to fill the huge void left by other brands in the market currently. Attacking the stagnant lift kit section was the goal of McGaughys lift kits! Fresh new styling, bigger lifts & all of McGaughys lift kits are designed, built & assembled right here in the USA!! With McGaughys lift kits offered from 6.5"-9" of lifts for all of the popular model trucks you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for!

Car Suspension and Truck Suspension will enhance the look of a Car or Truck. Car Suspension is enhanced by lowering the Car ride height. The ride height is the height in which the car comes from the factory. Lowering the ride height brings the idea to give a better look and performance to a car. The car suspension uses coil springs or an air suspension system to achieve the lower stance. Adding shocks and sway bars allow for better ride and control of the car. Car suspension can also use a coil over system which combines the shock and coil which could be adjustable allowing Car Suspension feel to be controlled for a drive in town or a day at the track.

 The two types of Truck Suspension are lifting and lowering that offer distinct looks. Lifting raises the truck suspension from the factory location. Raising a truck suspension will increase ground clearance allowing the suspension for trucks to maneuver better off-road. Lifting gives the suspension for trucks the off-road look with the ability of being able to go off-road. Lowering a truck suspension starts with which system fits the truck. Dropping or lowering the suspension for trucks involves ride and look. A simple drop takes and uses coil springs to achieve the drop in the front suspension of the truck achieves the look at low cost. The second drop uses spindles or a-arms depending on application to lower the ride height using the factory springs maintaining ride quality. The final lowering method is to put air suspension in the Truck Suspension. Air suspensions allow the suspension for trucks look and ride to be controlled. Make sure the wheels, shocks and body kits are taken into account in the process.

Enhance your suspension with McGaughys great lines of lowering kits and lift kits and all the lowering components. If you want the best ride in town check out our; coil overs, anti-sway bars, airbags, air valves, air tanks, lowering springs, lift kits, strut tower bars, drop shocks, control arms, flip kits, complete lowering kits, drop spindles, C notches, performance brakes, big brakes, camber kits and air cylinders. 



Want to make a huge difference in how your car looks and handles? Then get a new suspension. Because your car's only contact with the road comes from the tires you have, and those tires are attached to the vehicle via the suspension, it is vital that you have only the best when it comes to making your car go where you point it and look how you want it. And don't worry about what to choose, because we have components that do everything. If you want your car to have a drop and handle slightly better without spending a ton of cash, then springs or shocks (or a combination of them) will do for you. If you are looking for uncompromising handling and a serious drop that is adjustable, then a coil over kit is what you need. And if you drive a truck or SUV, then don't miss the lift kits for better off-road ability. We also carry a full line of suspension components to help your new suspension work more effectively.

The basic suspension components that can be changed while still offering a dramatic change in appearance and handling are the springs and shocks. Replacing the springs on a car will enable it become lower to the road, which makes it less likely to have body roll in corners and gives the driver a better feel for the road. To go along with those springs, new shocks will help the car to have a more controlled ride. The shocks are the parts that help determine the rebound of the car and help stop it from being overly bouncy, but still being supple enough to handle big potholes without being too harsh. Think of it like driving on your normal suspension, but with a lower center of gravity for better car control.

On the other end of the spectrum is a coil over kit. These are complete kits that swap out both the springs and shocks of the car and many are adjustable. What this means for the driver is that the car can be lowered to enhance the handling of the car or raised to stock level to keep the ride from being too jarring. This is the ultimate in car handling as you can take your car to the track, slam it to the ground, do some hot laps, and when you're done, raise it back to normal height and drive it home again.


  McGaughys also carries a line of truck and SUV suspensions for those who need more ground clearance off-road or want to slam it to the ground at the show. A lift kit will replace the stock suspension with components to raise the vehicle off the ground. This allows for better visibility and off-road performance. Lowering that suspension will create the low rider appearance and make an already head-turning vehicle more eye-catching. Dropping the truck will make it handle better on the road and look better at the show. Lowering springs are a nice pick up that will give your pick up a new stance.

To make sure that the suspension is handling as effectively as it can, we offer many components to help it do its job better. Strut bars and sway bars will aid in keeping the chassis rigid and make the car handle in a more adjustable way. Camber kits will allow for the adjustment of the wheels to aid in turning ability. If you have ever seen a race car with wheels that appear to be pointed in at the top, then you have seen camber. And adjusting it helps your car to handle the way you want it to.

Whether you want the ultimate track machine, the ultimate off-roader or just want a new feel to the car, TNT Motorsports can provide you will all the suspension parts you need to make it your own.

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