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How to Choose Custom Wheels

Before true car enthusiasts can have pride of ownership, they often replace the
standard (and often boring) factory wheels with bigger, blingy rims and tires.
After all, no ride can be called “custom” without a fresh set of aftermarket

Adding custom wheels changes the look of your ride, but selecting the best rims for your car can be a challenge. TNT Motorsports has a huge selection of wheels and tires.   In addition,  we have the expertise  necessary to help you find the correct size that will optimize the performance  and look of your ride.

Did you know that changing the tire and wheel size drastically from the factory
specifications may void the manufacturer's warranty on a new vehicle? Size
affects the way the brakes work, and the size of your tires impacts wear and
tear on the drive train and engine. For example:

  • Bigger tires cause more stress on  the brakes because they have to slow more rotating mass. Larger rims may also cause the vehicle to handle and steer differently.
  • Installing significantly smaller  wheels could cause your vehicle to sit dangerously low to the ground and have  turning issues.

Customers usually knows what price they want to pay and how they want their new custom rims to look, but technical details like wheel material, wheel offset, and size affect your car’s performance and are often overlooked..

Here are some basic considerations you should include when shopping for the best custom wheels and tires for your car, truck, or SUV.



  • Choose light alloy wheels if you need high performance or plan on racing a vehicle. Heavy, steel rims will only slow down your car by adding unnecessary weight and lower the driving performance.
  • Commuters who encounter stop and go traffic may want to select alloy wheels because alloy rims provide cool air flow over your brake system. Alloy wheels help prevent overheating.
  • Select rims smaller than your current set if you need to reduce overall weight of your car, truck, or SUV. Over the life of your car, you can save a few cents on every fill up by carrying less total vehicle weight, and that can really add up to significant savings over the life of your vehicle.
  • Wider rims will improve your vehicle's handling because rims with a wider base are proven to be best for acceleration and cornering.
  • Steel wheels with a sturdy interior structure are best for vehicles that will  be doing heavy work or off road driving.



Size and Offset


  • Installing rims that are one or two
    inches larger than the stock factory wheels can help improve performance.
  • Choose custom wheels with a
    maximum–load rating compatible with your vehicle.
  • Find wheels that match the bolt  pattern of your automobile, and make sure to buy rims that have the same number  of lug nut holes as your hubs.
  • Smaller rims can improve handling  and torque, but smaller tires can provide rougher ride and can wear the tires  faster.
  • When plus sizing your rims, maintain  the tire aspect ratio. This will keep the tread wear close to normal and can  extend the length of the tires.




  • Cheap prices often mean cheap quality in aftermarket wheels, so go for quality and take advantage of different payment options that Paypal offers.



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